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Rachel Kinnard is a designer, producer, and writer in Los Angeles. Her expertise in fashion takes her into collaboration with filmmakers, photographers, technologists, and activists. Rachel holds an MA degree in Fashion Studies and BFA in Fashion Design, both from Parsons School of Design. Born in Atlanta, Rachel moved to New York City in 2004 to study fashion design. Rachel lived in New York for twelve years, gaining crucial experience in the fashion industry in a range of roles from apprenticing with boundary pushing independent designers like Gerlan Jeans, to managing publications and community engagement at BurdaStyle, to writing and producing critical discussions on fashion and dress, to guiding young fashion design undergraduates at Pratt Institute. Rachel moved to Los Angeles in 2016, bringing her unique approach to fashion in her most recent projects, working as a costume designer and fashion consultant for film, television, and visual art.



Title - Film - Director

Costume Designer - “Brandi Finds God” (Short Film) – Gonzalo Cordova

Producer - “Brandi Finds God” (Short Film) – Gonzalo Cordova

Costume Designer - “Stumped” (Short Film) – Nathan Hertz

Costume Designer - “Adventures in Success” (Feature Film) - Jay Buim

Costume Designer - “Survival Skills” (Feature Film) - Quinn Armstrong

Costume Designer - “Sanzaru” (Feature Film) - Xia Magnus


Title - Network - Project - Director

Costume Designer - Adult Swim - “The Call of Warr” (5 Episodes) - Wham City Comedy

Costumer - College Humor - “Troopers” - Ryan Anthony Martin


Title - Client - Project – Director/Photographer

Assistant Costumer - Netflix - Soundtrack Promo - Dustin Aksland

Wardrobe Assistant - Alterra Mountain Company - Varsity: John Marsico & Benjamin McManus

Wardrobe Assistant – The Try Guys – The Try Guys Announcement – Eugene Lee Yang

Wardrobe Assistant - Google - Google Home Commercial - Cameron Dutra

Stylist Assistant - BCBG Max Azria - BCBG & BCBGEN Fall 18 Print Campaigns – Olivia Malone

Stylist Assistant - MCM Worldwide - MCM Summer Travel Print Campaign – Graham Dunn

Stylist Assistant - Shiseido - Shiseido Sun Care Print Campaign – Evaan Kheraji


Title - Song - Artist – Director

Wardrobe Assistant – “My Best Friends Ass” – Paris Hilton – Charlotte Rutherford

Wardrobe Assistant – “Another 01” – Millie Thrasher – Galen Hooks


Title - Client - Project – Director/Photographer

Costume Designer - Ilona Szwarc – “Unsex Me Here” – Ilona Szwarc

Costume Designer - Topic – “The Los Angeles Way of Death” – Ilona Szwarc

Stylist Assistant - gossamer magazine – “Family Forward: Tylynn and Bee Nguyen” – Meredith Jenks

Assistant Producer - Pratt Institute – “2016 Fashion, Amazin’ “- Amanda Jasnowski Pascual

Assistant Producer – Pratt Institute – “2015 Laboratory” – Martin Boothe


Title - Production - Director

Costume Designer – “The Terrible Them” (Theater Production) - Gonzalo Cordova and Nick Naney

Costume Designer – “Jesus the Barbarian” (Theater Production) - Gonzalo Cordova and Nick Naney